In a major victory for the Community Connect South (CCS) campaign, the Federal and State Governments in 2015 pledged to fund the widening of Armadale Road (Anstey to Tapper Roads). However, the job is only half done.

Build Armadale Road Bridge

We still need funds to link North Lake Road with Armadale Road and the Kwinana Freeway via a bridge and freeway interchange (Armadale Road Bridge). Cost: $160 million.

Without this, additional traffic from widening Armadale Road will spill into central Cockburn, further aggravating the already congested area and  reducing connectivity between Armadale, Jandakot, Cockburn, Fremantle and the rest of Perth.

Building the Armadale Road Bridge will help save $1 billion in avoidable congestion costs by 2020*.

3 NEW ways to access/exit Cockburn Central train station

Building Armadale Road Bridge will also include the development of three new entry and exit points to the carparks east of Cockburn Central train station. No more waiting over 30 minutes to exit the train station!

This State election, tell the candidates to help fund Armadale Rd Bridge

  • 7th most congested intersection in Perth – Armadale Rd/ Kwinana Fwy/ Beeliar Dr
  • 89% of you believe traffic congestion at Kwinana Freeway and around central Cockburn is an issue
  • 80% of you support building Armadale Road Bridge

So please, this state election, tell the candidates to help fund Armadale Road Bridge and fix traffic congestion in our rapidly growing communities.